RF Design, Technical Assistance & Consulting

Our company offer resources that customers cannot provide themselves. Usually, one of the resources is expertise—in the form of knowledge, technical advice, experience, application of technology, special skills, or creativity; another resource is time or personnel that the customer cannot spare.

Clients include cellular industries, wireless conventional & Trunking radio, specific – large user, and ISP–wireless broadband. Propagation & RF Measurements Antenna Selection, Test & Measurement Interference, receiver blocking removal Improve receiver system sensitivity & selectivity Total RF engineering & Planning for : WLAN, PTP, PTMP, Microwave radio RF Site Survey & Frequency survey Total RF Design & site selection for optimum coverage performance, RF optimization& RF LINK
improvement for cellular, WLAN, PTP, PTMP mesh networks RF system, optimization radio link – BTS – Transmitter – Receiver Retuning Duplexers, Filters, Combiners RF TESTING AND MEASUREMENT OF VHF AERONAUTICAL-BAND RADIO – OVERHEAT PROBLEM.

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