About US


(Formerly Known as Femacon Putra Jaya, PT) Established since 1979 in Bandung,
Indonesia which specializes in information, communication & technology industries.


Provide brainware & software in field of RF, microwave & cellular engineering, 
offers RF, antennas & propagation engineering expertise. 
And problem solving on an as needed basis,
to aid your own resources in effective RF engineering and maintenance

Our company are specialize in : RF communication, 
UHF mobile communication, 
airport communication, propagation, telemetry, 
VSAT, RADAR, antennas, 
wireless modem and data transmission technology, 
Broadcast Television & FM.

Femacon PutraJaya Mandiri, PT is an independent, 
national company owned by national entrepreneur and supported
by qualified technician for all these engineering services,
does not have any kind of obligation.


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