Cell Site Audit – RF


BTS equipments & infrastructures supporting facilities,
usually installed by sub contractors or by operator it self,
to ensure that after several years of operations the
RF performance of BTS and quality of installations are still 
in the acceptable range,
the operators needs total audit & investigation
of its BTS main equipments and its supporting infrastructure 

  • BTS Transmitter – Receiver
  • BTS Antennas system
  • Antenna space diversity system
  • Coaxial feed & connector system
  • Co Location – Co Sitting between 2G and 3G Antennas
  • Co Location – Co Sitting between 2G and 3G Transceiver (same operator)
  • Co Location – Co Sitting among 2G and 3G owned by different operators
  • Co Location – Co Sitting among wireless Systems
  • Environmental changes surrounding BTS sites
  • Feeders – jumper – antenna end to end
  • Microwave Transmission
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Shelter
  • Air Condition
  • Self Support Tower
  • BTS Overall Performance


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