Custom Training

Custom - Taylor made training in the area of RF engineering, propagation, antenna, comply with GSM, 
CDMA, WIMAX, WLAN, PTP radio, PTMP radio, industrial competencies standards.
The above trainings program could dedicate for RND engineer or field operation engineer – responsible 
people for BTS maintenance & operations.
Training methodology:

- Related basic theory
- Analysis & use math for computation
- Test instruments theory & its application
- Apply the theory, analyze, and the RF measurement
- Intensive dialog & problem solving case 
There is a wide gap of knowledge’s level between industrial 
needs and skilled graduated students, technician & engineer available.
The risk of damaging  
expensive test instruments by technicians – engineers because 
of misused and lack of understanding, people have different terminology, understanding and interpretation 
of basic RF knowledge and measurement techniques
1. A high intense theory, special - focused attention, consistency and a lot of serial experiences 
2. Sophisticated test instruments.
3. Reading many books, papers, journal’s, thesis. The knowledge’s needed usually are not available in one text 
    book, this activities are time consuming and need a lot of money – costs.
4. FUND’S. PEOPLE & UNIVERSITY – FOR HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION in the developing countries do not have 
    adequate funds to provide & operate sophisticated RF – ANTENNA – PROPAGATION LABS & LIBRARIES. Their 
    graduated students / engineers have inadequate knowledge’s & experiences.

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