WHEN TO OUTSOURCE Many companies are debating when to outsource 
their management support tools as well. 
This is a complex question that must consider the competitive advantage which a tool may provide. 
The company must also account for how ready the market is to support such a tool in an outsourcing model. 
The final direction should not solely be question of cost savings, 
but must consider the benefits and the strategic position of the company in the market place.


  • When you are too busy handling operations and are losing focus on your core business.
  • When you are facing a time, money and human

   resource crunch.

  • When you have a mission-critical project that needs all your time and energy, plus specialized skills which are not

   readily available.

  • When you have got to be the first into the market to gain the edge.
  • When you need to smooth peaks, troughs and staff shortages.
    (Outsourcing peak demand allows right sizing of information centers)
  • When you need to have access to specialist skills and knowledge.
  • (Local international knowledge or specific industries saves information center time and makes   them more efficient)
  • When you need to have access to specialized content.
    (Access to specialist databases and content through specialist information consultancies
  • When you need to reduce content cost
    (Some information consultancies have economies of scale and buying power for content   therefore access content at a lower cost) 
  • When you need to reduce research resource cost. (Some information consultancies have lower resource costs due to use of students, overseas researchers, telecom staff or staff in low cost offices)
  • When you need to reduce overheads.
    (By outsourcing staff count can be reduced and expensive office space is released)
  • When you need to undertake confidential research.
    (The use of an information consultancy can provide anonymity)  


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